KTCC opened on May 1, 2006 a mile from our current location at 2707 Matthew Drive, Sedalia MO. We spent nearly 9 wonderful years at our first location. In April 2015 we made the move to our current location. It's incredible how fast time passes. Some of my first graduates have children of their own. With increased education and experience, we have adapted our program to better serve the needs of children in the 21st century.
Over the years, our vision, mission and goals have changed. The community was instrumental in pointing out areas of improvement, weaknesses, and areas of discontentment. The information was evaluated, assessed, and taken to heart so that vital changes could be put in place. We are now better than we were before!

Our vision is to support emotional and social development, which is the foundation for all other development so children can form meaningful relationships. We aim to provide a stimulating environment where children can explore intellectual curiosities and interests, practice social interactions, and actively construct their understanding of the world.

Our mission is to provide caring, warm, and safe child care that embraces children's natural desires to play, explore, and converse with adults and peers in emotionally supportive environments protected from the hurried world beyond our doors. We believe that each child is a strong and competent individual who has a right to receive the best care society can offer. We believe in cultivating interrelationships among children, families, and providers. We are committed to providing protection, security, stimulation, support, limits, and affection.

Our goals

  • To foster emotional development, self-esteem and independence through interactions with peers and adults
  • To encourage mental stimulation and critical thinking through problem solving activities
  • To embolden children to talk openly and have a voice in their community
  • To promote independence through self-help skills

Find the Best Care for Your Child

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You know what they say: it takes a village to raise a child. If you're looking for top-of-the-line child care, turn to Katy Trail Children's Center LLC. While we're based in Sedalia, MO, people come from all over to enroll their children in our amazing day care and preschool center.

Why choose Katy Trail Children's Center?

It's not always easy finding child care services that meet your needs. But you can end your search with us because we:

  • Provide full-service day care service
  • Work with children from birth to six years old
  • Have been providing top-notch child care since 2006
  • Employ an experienced, trusted and highly trained team

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Helping your child learn and grow

We work diligently to make sure your child is safe when they're in our care. But we don't stop there.

We also provide age-appropriate activities that will help your child learn and grow while having fun. We also implement a schedule, so your child can feel comfortable in a predictable environment. Reach out to us today to sign your child up for our day care or preschool program.